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"It all starts with people and ours are the best in the business!"

have a great leadership team at Reliance that has a "can do" attitude!  If you need something, and you need it now, Reliance will bend over backwards to make it happen!  We love our customers and our customers love us!  We are happy to give you our mobile phone numbers and our home phone numbers in case of emergency so you can reach us 24/7/365.  We want to be the Supplier of the Year for every customer we serve.  We understand how blessed we are to have customers and we want to give our customers unparalleled customer service!

Additionally, we understand how important every member of the team is at Reliance.  The people that do our receiving,  packaging, order picking and allocating are just as important as the people that do our sales, marketing, managing, accounting and customer service.  We are a family and it takes everyone doing their job to the best of their ability to deliver excellent customer service.  Our warehouse pickers receive bonuses every pay period for error free picking.  We want every shipment to arrive on time and perfect!